5 Mistakes Made When Quilting By Hand

Hand quilting is a fun and satisfying way to make beautiful quilts that will be treasured for generations. Below are five important things to keep in mind for the greatest success.

Pins: if you pin your quilt layers together, make sure the pins are the rust-proof type. Otherwise, they can leave rust spots if they stay in place too long.

Thread: hand quilting thread is a special type, stronger than regular sewing thread. It also has a glazed finish that helps prevent tangling. Use only for hand stitching and not in your sewing machine.

Size: when starting out, try quilting a pot holder or throw pillow to hone your skills. Move on to larger pieces when you're comfortable with the required techniques.

Thread length: you don't want to have to re-thread your needle more often than necessary, but thread that's too long may tangle or even break from friction against the fabric and needle.

Stability: if the layers of quilt top, batting and backing shift while you are quilting, wrinkles and puckers could result. Pins and basting help prevent this. You can also use a hoop to secure each area you are working on.

Couples Hobbies: Finding The Common Interest

Finding time to spend together can sometimes be difficult between work and family obligations. You might even find yourselves going in separate directions to unwind and relax. Instead of going your separate ways to have fun, think of the things you can do together in your spare time to have fun and spend time together as a couple.

Dance around the Room
Dancing is a fun way to get some exercise and get close. From ballroom classes to line dancing at a local venue, or even your living room, you can practice your moves together.Want more? Click here/tag

Get outside together to plant flowers or vegetables and keep them up for a great way to spend time with one another.

Take the vegetables from the garden and turn them into a romantic dish together. Take a cooking class or watch a cooking show and work on the dish together. Have fun and enjoy the finished product over candlelight or pack it up in a basket for a romantic picnic.

Join a Club
There are local clubs for almost everything, and many of them are focused on couples. From parent groups to book clubs, find something you both enjoy and get started.

Ways To Choose The Right Hobby

There are a number of ways to choose a new hobby. Some people prefer to try a new hobby in a subject they are already familiar with. Other people may want to get out of their comfort-zone and try something totally new. There is no wrong way to choose a hobby.

Considering one's current interests is a great way to come up with new hobby ideas. It may be helpful to make a list of subjects that one already loves. It is important to leave space on the list after each interest has been written down.You can find a quick rundown here This space can be used to add potential hobbies related to each subject. Country music fans may list banjo lessons, mandolin lessons, singing and songwriting as potential new hobbies. There will be many different hobbies associated with each category for one to choose from.

For more adventurous personalities, choosing a new hobby at random is a great method. It will be helpful to brainstorm a bunch of different hobbies first. They can be written down on little pieces of paper and chosen at random from a hat. This method is a great way to experience something that a particular person would ordinarily never try.

Hobbies that Give Back

If you spend all your free time reading books or shopping online with your Clear wire internet you may be in need of a new hobby. And why not give back while you're at it? Here's a list of three great hobbies we think are an excellent way to give back to your community:
Start a Community Garden: If you love the outdoors and better yet, if you already love gardening, you're going to love this one. Ask a local official about some vacant land and turn it into a fully functional community garden - let anyone take what they want!
Start a Book Club: For kids! This is a great way to get kids reading more and if you're already a bibliophile you're not going to miss a beat. Talk to kids that are at risk while reading them books.
Start a Cooking Class: Whether or not you like to cook, start a cooking class in your neighborhood! Make great dishes and make some extra then donate the un-touched food to food banks in your area - what a great way to learn AND give back!

Easy Knitting Patterns For The Beginner

Many beginning knitters become frustrated with the process and end up giving up. Most of the time, this is because they have chosen a pattern that is too difficult. Stick with very simple designs while perfecting your basic knit and purl stitches; once you have those down, you can move on to something a little more difficult. There are countless patterns available to knitters of all levels, but especially for beginners.

Beginners should start with the knit stitch and work exclusively with it for awhile; you can actually make many projects using just the knit stitch, including dishcloths, scarves and even afghans. A fun way to practice is to make a lot of rectangles approximately the size of a sheet of paper (8 1/2" x 11") out of several different colors of yarn. This will help you learn how to keep your edges straight and how to keep your gauge intact. Once you have quite a few rectangles, you can sew or crochet them together to make a colorful afghan.

Once you're comfortable with the knit stitch, then you can add the purl stitch. By working with both of these stitches, you can now make a nice variety of patterns. You'll be able to find many patterns online and in fabric and craft stores. Just keep practicing these easy patterns and you'll be an expert in no time.

Glycerin Soap Versus Lye Based Soaps

Everyone wants to know what soap is better for my skin? What soap is going to make my skin softer and healthier? Most soaps contain lye which can be very harsh on your skin. Glycerin is a by product that you get when soap is made, and since glycerin is more profitable to large soap making companies when used for lotions and other skin care products, it is extracted from the soap much of the time and used for the other products. This is why homemade soap makes your skin feel so much softer and beautiful. Now if you are the do-it-yourself type and want to try your hand at soap making you can buy glycerin soap in blocks at many craft stores. This is the easiest way to make your own soap. It is called melt and pour soap because that is about all you have to do. Melt the glycerin soap, add what scents you like best, and pour it into a mold. This is a fun and easy way for beginning soap makers and would make a great gift for the upcoming holidays. If you want to make true, from scratch, soap you will need to use lye. This process is a little more complicated and would be more for the advanced soap maker. Soap making is a fun and rewarding experience, and you can find many recipes online if you are wanting to get started.

Soap Making In 10 Easy Steps

You may want to purchase a soap making kit from your local arts and crafts store, but if not, you can make a basic hand soap using ingredients already in your kitchen. To do this you will need a few supplies for mixing and molding your home made soap. Before starting, you will need to have various plastic molds, such as, plastic pudding or jell-o cups, butter containers, or cut off the bottom of plastic bottles. These items should be cleaned and dried. Use caution when using lye, it can burn your skin or damage counter tops, and do not use aluminum containers to mix your soap.

Follow the steps below and you will learn how to make your own hand soap.

1. You will need large plastic bowl for mixing the soap ingredients in, a wooden spoon, and plastic gloves to protect your hands from the lye mixture.

2. The soap ingredients include lye, vegetable shortening fat, water, and lemon juice. Once you have assembled your ingredients and supplies you can now make your soap, be sure to use your gloves before mixing the soap.

3. In a large plastic container place -cup cold water, with the wooden spoon gently stir in 1 Tablespoon of lye.

4. Slowly add 1/2 cup of lukewarm melted vegetable shortening. Continue to stir until slightly thickened.

5. Add 1 Talbelspoon lemon juice stirring until thoroughly mixed together.

6. When mixing is completed, pour soap into the plastic molds.

7. Cover with plastic wrap and let stand for 24 hours.

8. Remove the wrap from the molds and let the soap air dry for 14 days.

9. Remove soap from molds.

10. This will make two medium bars of hand soap. To store wrap soap in plastic wrap or plastic container.

Scrap Booking Ideas On A Budget

Scrap booking has become extremely popular over the past few years. Due to this fact, there are thousands of products on the market for those that enjoy this hobby. Some of these products are quite expensive, which can be disheartening to those on a budget. There are, however, ways around purchasing full price items.

When visiting hobby stores, always browse the clearance section. While you may find items that you do not need immediately, you may find a need for them at a later time. These items can be purchased for as much as 95 off. Stocking up on these deals will allow you to build a large selection of supplies to draw from in the future.

Consider using household items. You may have yarn, cloth, paper and more that can be used for scrap booking. Let your imagination take over, and you just might find that you have plenty of supplies on hand within your home. If you have children, feel free to see if they have items within their art supplies that you can make use of.

A final tip would be to check dollar stores for items you can use. Many of these stores are now stocking scrap booking supplies. Since the inventory changes from time to time, there is no telling what great items you might find.